Dragon's Awakening

Chance Dupree is a young Elemental Mage. She has lived her life in hiding and has spent most of her time to the study of Magick. Now, a member of a team of Hunters, she meets one Demon that changes the very fiber of everything she believes.

Christobal Cavolcanti has spent the past two thousand years searching for two things. His revenge, and the reincarnation of the woman he loved. One Halloween night, he finally finds her. The reincarnation of his gentle love... but when she puts a gun to his throat, he begins to realize that Chance may have his love's soul, but she's her own woman.

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What's this about a SPINOFF??

This may get a little long, so please bear with me... Dragon's Awakening was a labor of love. It was the first book I ever wrote, and as such, I didn't have anyone to try and pull me back. I had just come from the FanFiction world and figured what I could do there, I could do in a book. That isn't the case. After writing myself into a corner, I had decided to put Chance, Christobal and crew on the shelf. I was going to leave the fate of Aria and Braeden up to everyone's imagination and whatever secrets I thought up were going to stay in my head.

Then this character came along. Anya Roman was a pain in the butt until I actually started writing her story. She bothered me, hounded me, told me who she was friends with... next thing I knew, she worked with Chance and Christobal. Aria was someone she had a lot of respect for. Characters from the High Council started to show up, and told nothing of what I hadn't written... and yet they told everything.

So for the time being, I'm going to also be working on this side story. If I get back to telling Aria and Brae's story, that's awesome! If not, please forgive me. Hopefully Anya will be able to fill in the void.