Faustian Fairy Tales

All That Glitters

Ryan Gold has spent centuries as a magical broker. If you want it, and can pay, he can acquire it. That is, until he's charged with teaching a reluctant witch how to harness her magic.

Kalina Benton is a witch with no desire to be one. After being used as a magical battery, she would never wanted to use her magic again. But after meeting Ryan, she is dragged into a world full of myths and legends.

Secrets long buried come to light as they are forced to deal with witch hunters, demons and curses. But will the pressure break them both? Or can true love ultimately prevail?


All That Glitters is part of the Shared Series Once Upon A Villain. It also branches off into it's own series that I alone am writing. So if you see it as Book 6 of OUAV, or Book 1 of FF, that's why.