Murder of Crows

One for Sorrow

The Captain of the Guard

Adam Locksley is a man cursed. First by a witch, now by fate.

The Damsel that will save herself

Izzy St. Pierre is a woman that never wanted to be saved.

Izzy’s world is turned upside down when she becomes entangled in a world of magic and secrecy. Her main ally is Adam. And she’s not sure if she should trust the man hired to kidnap her. 

When he sees the mouse of a woman he needs to protect, Adam finds not only the heart of a dragon, but someone that could for the first time in a thousand years break the curse that damned his soul. 

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Two for Joy

The Protector

Grayson Fleisher: Earth witch. Playboy. A man with his fair share of secrets… and more than his fair share of power.

The Wind Witch

Damaris Jackson: Wind witch. Half-werewolf. A woman that wants revenge against the man that killed her mother.

Agents of Chaos have been unleashed. Elemental creatures are waking up and hunting the only beings that could possibly control them. Oracles. And while protecting a teenaged girl, Grayson and Damaris discover connections to pasts thought long buried. Now they must find a way to use their attraction to make them both stronger.

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