Long Time, No See!

Yes, it's been a while since I've been here. Last year didn't have too much news for me. There were a lot of personal things going on but I'm back on the horse and getting things down on paper again!

Award Winning Author!

Okay. I'm going to totally toot my own horn here. At the end of last year I finished One for Sorrow and entered it in the Chesapeake Romance Writer's contest "The Rudy." and I WON!!! How cool is that!?! So keep your eyes peeled for when it comes out! I'm so excited for this one.

Where IS the book?

Right now, One for Sorrow is off visiting doctors for a second opinion. I think it's awesome and great, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need to get it's shots before it's released to the public. Yes, I know it would be easier to say it's off with an editor, but really, it's not nearly as fun.

The Fate of Maxwell Investigations...

Dangerous Dalliances was the third part of what I'm calling the first act of MI. I know I was going to have Victor's story next, but then I got these ideas for Jimmy and then I got wrapped up in One for Sorrow and some other personal stuff. So yeah. They may take a while, but I haven't abandoned our favorite family.

I have a Newsletter!

I feel like a big girl now. After a lot of thought, (and draging my feet) I've finally broken down and added a newsletter to the ways everyone can get in contact with me. Since Facebook is always changing and Twitter is more fun for TV, having a newsletter so everyone can keep up with when I release something is perfect. Signup is in the corner. And there may be a few rewards here and there in the form of giveaways, decoder rings (joking), and little tid bits of me and my writing.